Warning signs Quiz  4 – Am I in Labour?

Warning Signs to watch for Labour 

  • This quiz  is to ensure that you discuss all important points with your doctor
  • If you have answered yes to any of the Warning signs do not panic, just inform your doctor in your next visit 
  • Each case is different, and your doctor know best
  • Please note : All information is medically previewed by a doctor panel

1)  Do you have dark reddish or clear vaginal discharge or spotting?

a) Is the discharge dark reddish ,clear, pink, brown, or slightly bloody?

b) Are you Spotting? 

2) Are you experiencing contractions?

a) Do you get contractions for about 30 sec to one minute after every 5 to 10 minutes?

b) Are the contractions becoming stronger and closer together over time?

c) Are you experiencing difficulty walking or talking during these contractions?

3) Is your waters broken? Did you feel a steady trickle of clear fluid or a sudden gush of fluid that you cannot control?

4)  Do you have pain in your lower abdomen and back ?

5)  Do you have mild, intermittent abdominal pain that is not increasing in intensity over time?