Warning signs Quiz 1 – Pre pregnancy 

Warning Signs to watch out in Trimester 1

  • This quiz  is to ensure that you discuss all important points with your doctor
  • If you have answered yes to any of the Warning signs do not panic, just inform your doctor in your next visit 
  • Each case is different, and your doctor know best
  • Please note : All information is medically previewed by a doctor panel

1)   Have you experienced any significant stressors or life changes during your pregnancy?

2)  Have you had any complications during previous pregnancies?

3)  Have you had any abnormal prenatal screening results in a previous pregnancy?

4)  Have you had multiple miscarriages in the past?

5)  Are you taking any medication for the following?

a)  Diabetes?

b) Hypertension?

c) Thyroid disorder?

d) Heart disease?

e) Autoimmune condition?

f) Any blood disorder?

6)   Do you have a family history of “diabetes or hyper tension during pregnancy” in your family?

7)  Have you been exposed to any environmental toxins or substances (smoking, drinking, drugs, medical treatment) that may affect your pregnancy?