Warning Signs Quiz 2 – Trimester 1

Warning Signs to watch out in Trimester 1

  • This quiz  is to ensure that you discuss all important points with your doctor
  • If you have answered yes to any of the Warning signs do not panic, just inform your doctor in your next visit 
  • Each case is different, and your doctor know best
  • Please note : All information is medically previewed by a doctor panel 

1)   Have you experienced any vaginal bleeding or spotting?

a)  Are you currently bleeding?

b)  Are you passing clots?

2) Have you had any cramping or abdominal pain?

a) Is the cramping or pain increasing in intensity?

3) Are you experiencing any unusual vaginal discharge? (curdy white, yellow, green,foul smell)

a) Are you experiencing any itching and redness in your intimate region

4) Do you experience burning while urinating?

a) Do you have increased frequency of urination

b) Is your urine blood tinged?

5) Do you have persistent nausea even after taking medication for it?

a) Do you vomit more than 5 times per day? 

b) Do you dry heave (vomit without actually bringing up food) more than 5 times a day?

c) Are you losing weight (loss of more than 5% of body weight)?

6) Do you have fever? (fever temperature on your thermometer higher than or at 100 degrees F)

a) Do you have a cold or cough?

b) Are you experiencing difficulty in breathing?

c) Do you have a rash on your body?